The Dancers' Forget-Me-Not Fund

Where it all began - the reason why.

In the beginning, way back in the 1950’s there were a few dancers that were avid cricket enthusiasts, so much so that they decided to hold a Professional v Amateur match. This was so successful that it became a regular event and when the ladies felt left out a putting match was arranged for them. By 1958 it had grown into an away day that included Swimming, Archery, Boating, Putting, Tennis and in the evening a Grand Dance with competitions. Due to the popularity it was decided such funds that were surplus be devoted to assisting dancers in hospital and others who may be in need, and so, the Dancers’ Forget-Me-Not Fund was in its infancy.

dancers cricket team
One of the early cricket teams

The original team by sheer hard work put the fund on a sound basis to over 60 years of success. The present Committee are just as dedicated a group of dancers who are equally determined to maintain the success of the Fund.

The Dancers’ Forget-Me-Not Fund is an unincorporated not for profit organisation and consists of its Committee of Trustees.

The objects of the Fund are to promote the mental or physical health of any ballroom, latin, old time or modern sequence dancer, whether they are social, competitive or professional dancers that are (or have recently been) prevented from going about their normal dancing activity as a result of a debilitating illness or condition and who have been nominated by a friend or teacher, by the provision of a gift.

Our activities remain the promotion of the Fund and to raise awareness of its desire to promote the wellbeing of people within the dancing community by providing a gift, currently in the form of a cheque, and a goodwill card. We usually provide about £4,000 of gifts in a typical year. We hope that this will not only benefit the recipient of the gift by boosting their morale at a time when their personal well being may be at a low point but it also increases the morale of those around them including those in the dancing circle in which the recipient resides. This in turn promotes the Fund and donations to the Fund enabling it to continue in its promotion of wellbeing. We became a Registered Charity when the Charity Commission entered the Fund in the Charities Register for England and Wales in July 2015.